SCADACore is pleased to announce that the next major update to IIoT Live will be released to all clients on March 6, 2018.

The new update features a cutting-edge architecture that provides real-time remote monitoring capabilities. The update also provide users with a new UI, improvements to the user-experience, as well as many new features. Continue reading below for more information.

Update May 2, 2018: We have resolved the zooming issue that were affecting some users: The fix is currently being tested on our beta servers. We plan to deploy the fix to live servers in the middle of May.

Update April 12, 2018: Some users are experiencing issues with built-in zooming-gestures on the location pop-up window on some mobile browsers. We are currently looking into the issue and will be implementing an update to the UI.

IIoT Remote Monitoring Dashboard

New Features


  • Improved UX/UI
    • More modern and clean design
    • Location drill-down now opens in the same window instead of opening in a new pop-up window
  • Easier callout configuration with improved UI
  • Alarm callout configuration has call-list assignment available to the user in the UI