Satellite Pumpjack Monitoring

Satellite Remote Monitoring for Switches, Vibration, Inputs, and More

Satellite Communication with Built-in Solar and Battery

Ideal for Monitoring Pumpjacks, Compressors, and More

Cloud Ready | Pumpjack Callout

Satellite Remote Monitoring Solution

Pumpjack Callout can save you:

$ *

For pumpjacks down-time of

*Based on crude oil price of $ USD per barrel, for oil wells that produce a total of bbl per day

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Pumpjack Callout | Satellite Pumpjack Status Monitoring

The Pumpjack Callout is a Class I Div 1, magnetic-mount, satellite monitoring solution with a built-in solar panel and batteries, ideal for monitoring the run status of your pumpjacks. No cellular coverage? No problem. Pumpjack Callout is a satellite-based solution that works anywhere.