SCADACore Live – Reduce Operating Costs

SCADACore Live is a fully-managed, highly-scalable Web SCADA system. There is no commissioning fees, no hourly rate, and no server maintenance cost. Everything is fully-managed by the SCADACore Team, so you can focus on your business.

SCADACore offers complete turnkey monitoring solutions for many industries, providing a pay-as-you-grow IIoT solution. Our system is designed to help you scale-up without having to worry about all the hidden costs associated with other SCADA solutions.

Operating Cost for Self-Hosted SCADA

Self-Hosted SCADA is expensive to maintain. In addition to the initial cost of the server hardware and server setup, there are many hidden costs associated with Self-Hosted solutions..

Examples of hidden costs associated with self-hosting are the initial commissioning cost per site, server maintenance costs, programming costs, and hourly charges. Companies might also need to employ SCADA technicians to run and maintain the system.

The cost associated with Self-Hosted SCADA can balloon to unexpected levels.

Want to further lower your costs? There is no upfront server or setup cost with SCADACore.

No Upfront Server Cost