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SCADACore Live Web SCADA spans across multiple industries around the globe. We provide hardware and software solutions for dozens of industries and hundreds of applications.

SCADA / IIoT Remote Monitoring Dsahboard

SCADACore IIoT Live Insight

IIoT Live Insight provides SCADA / IIoT Remote Monitoring solution for industrial applications.

The system is fully-featured with powerful graphing features, voice / SMS / email alarm callouts, and data import and export support, all packaged in an all-inclusive package.

Trending & Data

SCADACore’s IIoT Live Insight collects remote data to provide daily, hourly, or real-time reports. Our charting system, while feature-rich, is also easy-to-use, allowing clients to review and analyze data with powerful trending features and historical data retrieval.

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Alarm Callouts

IIoT Live Insight provides you with real-time alarm callouts. Our system can be configured to match any alarm conditions and send notifications to you via Voice, SMS, or Email notifications to indicate an alarm has been reached at a remote location.

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Historical Data Archival

SCADACore’s IIoT Live Insight provides web-based monitoring and data archival, letting you access your data, trends, and reports anywhere. With secure, redundant servers, and secure remote login, we take care of all the Remote Monitoring details for you.

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Data Exports

The IIoT Live Insight Export Engine provides our clients with a highly-configurable system that can export data to conform to any data formats. Our engine can integrate with any third-party systems, with supported data formats including CSV, Excel, Pivot Table, PDF, and more.

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Beyond Product Support

At SCADACore, it is our privilege to have you as a client or a partner. We provide 24/7 phone support directly to an experienced technician to help with — not only communication problems to SCADACore IIoT Live — but also help with end device setup, product design, and certifications. Our support goes beyond SCADACore IIoT Live as we are part of your team.

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SCADACore IIoT Live Products

SCADACore products provides Plug-and-Play solutions that brings remote field data to you. IIoT Live Connect and IIoT Live Ready provide clients with solutions that seamlessly integrates with IIoT Live Insight that serves field data to you anytime, anywhere.


IIoT Live Connect | PnP-100 is an all-in-one remote monitoring package designed to provide the most cost-effective method to monitor statuses and analogs. PnP-100 is everything you need for SCADA / IIoT Remote Monitoring in a small, simple, easy-to-install package.

  • All-Inclusive Pricing For As Low As $20 / Month

  • Measure Levels, Pressure, and Switches, all with one device

  • 4 AIN, 4 AOUT, 1 DIN, 1 DOUT

  • HART 5, HART 7, Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII

  • Embedded 2G, 3G, LTE

  • Class 1 Div 2, -40˚ C to +85˚ C

EVM Air Quality & Air Particulate Remote Monitoring System

SCADACore’s IIoT Live Ready combines particulate remote monitoring, air quality remote monitoring, gas detection, alarm callout notifications, data trending, and remote access in a single system.

  • All-Inclusive Pricing For Remote Monitoring

  • Included Sensors: Relative Humidity, Temperature, CO2, CO, Particulates, PID ppm

  • Available Sensors: O2, H2S, NO, NO2, HCN, EtO, CL2, S02, PID ppb, Air Velocity

  • Measurement Parameters: Avg, Level, Max, Min, STEL, TWA

  • Alarm Callout Notifications

  • Remote Access Anytime, Anywhere

  • Built-in sampling pump for gravimetric analysis

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SCADACore Live enables us to bring all our data to our clients in real-time. The support goes above and beyond what is expected.

SCADACore provides us with custom solutions at commodity prices. Whether we are monitoring 1 or 100 assets SCADACore provides the same service and support. They treat our customers as their own providing an additional dimension to our service at no additional cost.

Mike Stephens, Concept Controls

We continue to maintain a long standing collaboration with SCADACore. SCADACore is our preferred remote monitoring partner due to their exceptional support and cost-effectiveness. They have provided nimble solutions for several of our custom monitoring projects.

Ryan Domes, Allstar Automation

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  • Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Humidity, Chemical Levels for Industrial Process Monitoring Applications
  • Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality, Sound Levels, Water Levels for Environmental Monitoring Applications
  • Gas Flow, Well Pressure, Oil Pressure, Compressor Status, 3 Phase Testing, Pressure Buildups, Artificial Lift for Oil and Gas Monitoring Applications

  • Oil Leaks, Remote Site Surveillance, Water Levels, Remote Safety Surveillance, Remote Office Security for Remote Surveillance

  • H2S, Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen, Methane, SO2, Benzene for Toxic Gas Monitoring
  • Remote docking station reports, Heat Stress, Sound Levels, Air Quality for Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Applications
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