AGA 7 Turbine Gas Flow Calculator is a free windows application allows users to input AGA 8 gas compositions to calculate compressibility and AGA 7 turbine flow parameters and Gas Flow for the well.

SCADACore offers Royalty Free AGA Gas Flow Library Licenses.

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 Users must upgrade to .NET 4.5 before Installing the Turbine Calc Software.

All questions and feature requests can be asked through the contact page. The SCADACore team prides itself on exceptional customer service, including our free software products.


Click Below for the AGA Turbine Flow Calculator For Windows.

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SCADACore Turbine Flow Calc For Window is separated into three groups:

  • the Basic group is the commonly changed flow parameters that will be unique to each test.
  • The Advanced group will rarely be changed once the parameters are set.
  • The Gas composition Group is enabled when the “Use AGA8 Composition Calculation” is checked.


Setting files can be saved and reused to help users quickly return to a field that has the same or similiar gas compositions to a previous calculation.


The “Use AGA8 Composition Calculation” will enable the Gas Composition Pull-down and allow the user to enter gas compositions for the well to calculate the specific gravity and compressibility factors.

Easy unit changes allows users to use both metric and US/Imperial to perform calculations.


The Advanced Settings of the AGA Gas Flow Calculator for Windows are parameters that are rarely changed in day-to-day operations and can generally remain hidden from the user.

When the “Use AGA8 Composition Calculator” checkbox is selected the Compressibility window will be disabled since the AGA8 gas compositions will calculate the necessary compressibilities.

Gas Compositions

SCADACore AGA Gas Flow Calculator for windows provides 21 different gases to input.

Gases must total 100% for the calculation to be successfully performed.

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