Regulatory Flow Monitoring

SCADACore Live’s Oil and Gas Regulatory Flow Monitoring meets Directive 17 / AER reporting requirements

Regulatory Flow Monitoring

SCADACore Regulatory Flow Monitoring meets all of the Directive 17 / AER reporting requirements and continue to work closely with other regulatory bodies to ensure our compliance to their standards. Collect and measure Flow, Static Pressure, Differential Pressure, Temperatures, Historical data, Alarms & Events, and more.

Our data is archived and protected in a co-located SAS70 II Certified (CICA 5970 Type II) Rated Data Centre. With scheduled backups and 24/7 staff ensure your data is safe. To ensure data integrity on call staff receive up to the minute reports every hour and notify the on call operators if there is an issue with the reporting.

  • Fully-managed end-to-end system. No need to pay an upfront server cost and an hourly rate to set up your operations on a SCADA Host

  • Directive 17 / AER Compliant

  • 24/7 Phone and Email support

  • No additional charge on Callouts, Exports, Demand Polls, or additional sensors.

  • SCADACore covers the cost of switch-overs

  • No charge for additional monitoring including, air quality, tank levels, or compressor status

SCADACore works closely with Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) manufacturers to provide complete remote monitoring capabilities to all existing field hardware. SCADACore Live has built-in capabilities to interface with hundreds of flow measurement devices while still retaining the flexibility to support custom applications.

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