Modbus Connect Host Simulator allows programmers and integrators to read and write to MODBUS Slave devices with an easy to use interface.

SCADACore’s Modbus Connect Host Simulator is an essential tool for any SCADA Host Programmer or Integrator.

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SCADACore Gives Back With Free Apps.

SCADACore has used Modbus Connect internally for years and is not giving back to the SCADA community by offering the application free of charge. Modbus Connect allows users to connect to multiple remote slave devices simultaneously to see a complete view of the Modbus network.

When working with new devices it the significant bit order (ENDIANISM) is sometimes difficult to decipher. SCADACore Modbus Connect has tools that will automatically convert a set of bytes so that users can determine instantly which bit order to use when integrating with the device.

Data Types in holding registers can also cause some confusion so SCADACore Modbus Connect has built in data analyzers that will convert a group of bytes into all possible data types, 16 bit int, 16 bit uint or 32 bit float.

  • Read and continuously monitor Modbus slave devices.
  • Write registers in real-time to Modbus slave devices.
  • Write multiple data types to Modbus holding registers.
  • Read/Write to all Modbus datatypes including Coils, Status, Input, and Holding Registers.
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Coming Soon

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  • Do you need to quickly debug registers for you slave devices?
  • Are you a Modbus plc programmer and need a quick and easy way to read/write values?
  • Are you having trouble interpreting data with different architecture bit significance?
  • Do you want to make your job easier?
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