SCADACore Live is one of the most widely-used Web SCADA | IIoT service on the market. From Devices to Cloud to You.

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Fully-Managed Web SCADA / IIoT

SCADACore provides a fully-managed Web SCADA | IIoT solution serving companies world-wide. With powerful trending and visualization capabilities, flexible alarm callout system, HMI designer and HMI display, as well as compatibility with thousands of devices and protocols, SCADACore provides the most comprehensive Web SCADA | IIoT solution in the world.

Features of our Cutting-Edge Web SCADA | IIoT

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Feature Details

Trending & Data

The SCADACore’s Web SCADA / Cloud IIoT collects remote field data and plots the data points onto our advanced charting system to show real-time reports, hourly reports, daily reports, and more. Using the latest real-time database technology, our data updates in real-time right in the web browser or mobile app.

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Do you need your production or operation data quickly? SCADACore Live delivers data to your web browser or mobile app, loading hundreds of locations and thousands of data points in seconds. With our fast, secure, and redundant servers, our Web SCADA / Cloud IIoT serves data to you anytime, anywhere.

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Alarm Callouts

Our Web SCADA / Cloud IIoT provides you and your clients with real-time alarm callout system. Our alarm callout system can be configured to match any alarming conditions and send callouts to operators via Voice, SMS, and/or Email messages to indicate an alarm has been reached at a remote location.

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Data Exports

The Export Engine on our Web SCADA / Cloud IIoT provides our clients and partners with highly-configurable system that can export data to conform to any data formats. Our engine can integrate with any third-party systems, with wide-array of supported data formats including CSV, Excel, Pivot Table, PDF, and more.

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