The Modbus Slave Simulator can duplicate radio networks or IP based networks and allow programmers to quickly run through test cases with real-time register changes.

SCADACore’s Modbus Network Slave Simulator is an essential tool for any SCADA Host Programmer or Integrator.

SCADACore Gives Back With Free Modbus Network Simulator Apps.

The Modbus Network Simulator provides programmers and integrators with a test-bed that can be set up to the specifications of a modbus network they are planning on configuring.

Modbus Slave Simulator can also be used to troubleshoot Modbus hosts by allowing programmers to quickly make changes to registers trigger different states in the SCADA Host. Without the Slave Simulator programmers would have to modify the SCADA Host programmer to force it into a state or force the active slave nodes into the desired state to duplicate a faulty action.

The Slave Network Simulator can save developers hundreds of hours on a single project.

  • Change response times of remote Modbus nodes.
  • Change registers of simulated Modbus nodes in real-time.
  • Take nodes offline to simulate network failures.
  • Change bit significance (Endianism) and register types (Uint, Float, 32bit Float).
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The network menu allows users to select between a Serial port based network and an IP based network.

Serial port slave networks are limited to the amount of serial ports on the computer. Adding additional com ports or USB-To-Serial devices will allow users to run more than one serial slave address at one time.

IP Slave networks can be set up as Modbus RTU over TCP, Modbus ASCII over TCP, Modbus RTU over UDP, Modbus RTU Over TCP, or IP Modbus. These networks are limited by the available ports on the computer. This will allow for more than 60,000 separate networks, each with the ability to add up to 255 slaves on each.


The Slave menu allows users to input the slave node address and specify a simulated delay. Often when working with radio networks node delays can cause problems and are difficult to troubleshoot on the work-bench. With the slave simulator users can specify the delay in milliseconds in order to test specific test cases.

Registers for Input, Holding, Status, and Coils are all set individually. When the Modbus Network is running the users can change the Value of the registers on the fly. This change can simulate real-world changes on a SCADA network allowing programmers to test alarms and output actions on the work-bench.

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