Plunger Lift Monitoring

SCADACore’s custom reports allow technicians to plot plunger states with pressures and flows to better tune the well.

Plunger Lift Monitoring

Plunger Lift Monitoring Pumpjack
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SCADACore’s Collect live plugin driver system can quickly integrate new plunger-lift systems at no cost to the producer or integrator. Full control and live view of the plunger enables technicians to remotely monitor and tune their plunger-lift systems.

Custom reports allow technicians to plot plunger states along with pressures and flows to better tune and optimize your well.

  • Multiple sensors, states, and plunger events all included in monitoring plans.
  • Alarms notifying technicians or operators of plunger non-arrivals.
  • Clean easy to understand graphing to better understand the plunger states and pressures.
  • Full plunger control to tune and adjust set points based on selected algorithm.
  • New products? No problem, SCADACore will integrate your product at no charge.

SCADACore Plunger Lift monitoring application allows users to graphically view the current state of the plunger and monitor countdown and state timers in real-time.

We have Monitoring Solutions To Meet all Applications

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SCADACore Live Overview


The SCADACore Live Dashboard summary page allows users to quickly view the status of all wells. The easy to navigate summary grid gives users a view of the current conditions of the active Tests.

Add surveillance for $50/month to know exactly what is happening on site.

If there are multiple active units a Map view can give a broader picture of the wells.

Flow Mode

Plunger Lift40Percent

Build-Up Mode

Plunger BuildUp


Plunger AfterFlow

SCADACore Live provides a graphical representation of the plunger state. This allows clients to quickly understand the operation of the plunger and help explain the current readings that are displayed.


Live Plunger Control allows operators to optimize the plunger in real-time without costly trips to the field. Utilizing the prioritized Collect Live Polling engine, users have the ability to make changes quickly without effecting the current scheduled polling operations.


SCADACore Live charting displays the current state of the plunger while it graphs the pressure and flow data. The addition of the state is critical for understanding the behaviour of the well and the plunger-lift.


SCADACore tracks plunger counters. Updates can be done in real time by pressing the Refresh button or scheduled poll to update once an hour.

Four intuitive pricing models will meet all your monitoring needs


  • Daily Reports
  • Twice Daily Alarm Checks
  • Daily Email Exports
  • Daily GPS Updates
  • No Demand Polls


  • Hourly Reporting
  • Real-Time Alarms Available
  • Writable Control Points
  • Hourly GPS Updates
  • Up To 10 Demand Polls Daily


  • 10 Minute Reporting
  • Real-Time Alarms Available
  • Writable Control Points
  • 10 Minute GPS updates
  • Up to 20 Demand Polls Daily


  • 5 Second Reporting
  • Real-Time Alarms
  • Writable Control Points
  • 1 Year Data Retention
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking

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