SCADACore’s Remote Surveillance solutions offer affordable, high quality images are now available remotely for operations and security.

SCADACore can provide a visual display for your online data. Know what is happening all the time with scheduled and motion activated surveillance video.

SCADACore knows remote surveillance.

SCADACore Remote Surveillance is more than simply security. With motion activate Surveillance video users can be provided with real-time visual notifications if there is a remote failure on site. Water levels and air quality can be visual inspected from thousands of miles away keeping your residents and employees safe.

  • Secure remote sites with high quality, real-time, night-vision motion capture images.
  • Visually track water levels in rivers, streams, reservoirs, or lakes for less than the cost of one trip to site.
  • Save thousands of dollars in cleanups by visually check for leaks or spills which are impossible to monitor with other means.
  • Provide added safety for your employees who can view site conditions before arriving on-site.
  • Ask about our live video options that are suitable for all weather conditions.


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Monitoring from $50/month


  • Hourly Snapshots
  • Dashboard Access
  • High Quality 12mp Images


  • Hourly Snapshots
  • Motion Captures
  • High Quality 12mp Images


  • Hourly Snapshots
  • Motion Captures
  • High Quality 12mp Images
  • Real-time video views
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SCADACore gives you eyes on the ground.

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