SCADACore Live – No Upfront Server Costs

SCADACore Live is a fully-managed, highly-scalable Web SCADA system. Unlike self-hosted SCADA solutions, there is no upfront capital cost. From 1 node to 10,000 nodes, scale-up quickly and easily with SCADACore Live.

SCADACore offers complete turnkey monitoring solutions for many industries, providing monitoring and control capabilities with $0 upfront server cost, and $0 setup cost. Our system is designed to help you scale-up without the need to risk investing large capital into server architecture.

Setup Cost for Self-Hosted SCADA

Setting up a SCADA server yourself, or by an engineering company, is costly. The initial cost of the server hardware and server setup can be prohibitive for companies looking to scale-up.

In addition to the upfront server and setup cost for a self-hosted solution, there are many hidden costs to consider. Examples of hidden costs associated with self-hosting are the maintenance costs, programming costs, and hourly charges. See how SCADACore can help you eliminate these costs.

Self-Hosted SCADA requires large investments to get started. The initial cost to set up monitoring and control for a handful of locations could be prohibitive.

Want to further lower your costs? See how to lower your operation cost by switching to SCADACore.

Reduce Operating Cost