Microhard Modem SIM Insert Orientation

SCADACore works closely with field technicians and assist in troubleshooting communications and EFM issues.

One common issue that technicians encounter is the Microhard modem not finding the SIM card; which is sometimes caused by the SIM card not inserted with the correct orientation.

The SIM card depiction shown on the modem is sometimes not immediately clear to the field technicians. The pictures below show the proper orientation that the SIM card should be inserted for the IPn3G, IPn4Gb, IPn4Gii, and the Bullet-LTE.

Note that the IPn4Gii and the IPn4Gb SIM insert orientation is different.

IPn4Gii SIM 1 & SIM 2 Orientation

IPn4Gb & IPn3G SIM Orientation

Bullet-LTE SIM Orientation