RF Line-of-Sight

The RF Line-of-Sight tool allows users to easily drag-and-drop locations and obtain point-to-point line-of-sight information anywhere using Google Maps. This free online tool takes antenna height and the topographical formations of the earth to calculate the line-of-sight of a radio path.

This RF Line-of-Sight tool is exceptionally helpful in mapping long distance radio communications for remote monitoring applications such remote shutdowns and data acquisition.

How To Use

  • The user can select two sites either by dragging them into position or entering the GPS coordinates on the page.
  • After the two sites are selected a elevation graph will pop-up showing the elevation from the blue mark to the green mark as well as the distance between the two points.
  • A red line indicates a line-of-sight that is blocked while a green line indicates a clear line-of-sight between the points.
  • After the initial graph is created, the users will have the ability to modify the graph by specifying heights for the antennas.
  • As the antenna height changes, the path will recalculate to determine line of sight.