SCADACore is offering their internal programming tools to the world, giving access to CRC, Endian, and Data Converters. SCADACore is continually developing new tools that we will provide for free to developers.

SCADACore gives back to the community with Free Field Apps.

In an effort to give back to the programming community that has served SCADACore well in developing the SCADACore Web SCADA line of products we are allowing Internet users to use our tools free of charge. The Endian Converters and CRC/Checksum calculators are integral components in interfacing with unknown third party devices and can save programmers hours of development time.

  • Convert hexadecimal numbers to equivalent data types.
  • See multiple bit significant data for each data type.
  • Generate checksum values for dozens of CRC types.


All field application calculators are free to use.

SCADACore is responsive to our clients and continue to make our product better with your suggestions. If there is anyway for us to make the product better please contact us and make a suggestion.

Online Hex Converter

The Online Hex Converter is used for programmers to determine both the bit ordering (Endian) of the byte packets and the data type of the byte packets. When interfacing with unknown devices it can be difficult to know whether the data you are reading is a Byte, 16 Bit Int, 32 Bit Int, or Float. With the Hex Converter you can quickly input your Hex packet and analyze all possible formats to find the format you are looking for.

Online Hex Converter

Online Checksum/CRC Calculator

There are over 40 common CRC or Checksum formats that are used by embedded devices and serial interfaces. The Online Checksum Calculator can help quickly determine which CRC is being used allowing integrators to duplicate the CRC library.

Online Checksum/CRC Calculator

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Contact the SCADACore team for more information on our free programmer tools.

  • Are you working with multiple hardware platforms and are having trouble converting between bit significance?
  • Do you need to find out what checksum to use?
  • Do you have hex data that you need to decode but do not know the data type or Endianess?
  • Do you want to make your job easier?
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