SCADACore Cloud-Ready Heat Stress Packages

SCADACore’s Cloud-Ready Heat Stress Packages allow clients to access real-time heat stress data anytime, anywhere. Ensure the safety of your employees, comply with regulations, or optimize manufacturing processes by monitoring for Humidity and Heat Stress with real-time trending and alarm callout notifications.

Heat stress monitoring is a requirement for most health agencies. Work involving high temperatures, high humidity, or strenuous physical activities have a potential for causing heat stress in workers. Warehouses, factories, outdoor labor, shipping yards, or anywhere where heat and humidity could potentially be a health concern, should be monitored with a heat stress monitoring system.

Manufacturing processes that require specific humidity and temperatures can benefit from an automated heat stress data collection and monitoring system, with real-time data analysis with powerful exporting and push-to-SCADA capabilities.

  • Cloud-ready heat stress monitoring for (3M QUESTemp and others monitors)

  • 2″ style globe sensor and standard accessories

  • Measures / calculates WBGT indoor / outdoor, relative humidity and Heat Index / Humidex

  • Measures / calculates dry bulb, wet bulb, and globe temperature

  • Optional detachable air probe
  • Local and online data logging capabilities

SCADACore Cloud-Ready Heat Stress Packages

WBGT Single Sensor Package

WBGT Two Detachable Sensors Package

WBGT Three Detachable Sensors Package

Humidex / Heat Index Package

Heat Stress Monitor Remote Access

Current & Historical Conditions

Heat Stress Monitor WBGT Display

Alarm Conditions & History

Voice Call Alarm Notification

Heat Stress Voice Call Notification

SCADACore Callout Alert for Heat Stress Monitoring

Trending and Data Archival

Heat Stress Chart and Data Log for WBGT, Humidity, Humidex, and Temperature
Heat Stress WBGT Trending
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