Alarm callout systems are imperative for industrial operations. An alarm callout system typically involves a server or device that polls and monitors a sensor or a system for certain conditions or thresholds. When the server or device detects an anomaly, a Voice, SMS, and/or Email report is sent to a user that signal a problem that might require attention.

With the advent of IoT, the cost of alarm callout hardware and alarm callout services have been vastly reduced. While some companies still charge enormous amount of money for alarm callout systems, SCADACore provides complete callout solutions at economical pricing for your application.

Health and Safety Monitoring

Online monitoring systems use radio or cellular networks to report alarm status to a server. SCADACore SCADACore Live is a powerful solution that can be configured to match any alarming conditions and send a callout to operators via Voice, SMS, and/or Email messages to indicate an alarm has been reached at a remote location.

Example Alarm Callouts

SCADACore Alarm Callouts for Industries

Low Flow Rate(Low Flow Alarm for Oil & Gas Remote Monitoring)
High Pressure(High Pressure Alarm for Pipeline Remote Monitoring)

The callout report generated by the SCADACore Live can be customized to contain a wide-array of information, including the state of the alarm, the alarm location, and more. The SCADACore Live Alarm Callout System provides multiple alarm limits, callout reports via Voice, SMS, and/or Email, escalating call-lists, and scheduling options; all alarm callout features are configurable to suit any industrial applications.

Alarm callout systems are typically used in oil and gas monitoring, environmental monitoring, and health & safety monitoring to trigger when monitored data parameters exceed certain values.

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