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Alarm Callouts for Industrial Applications

SCADACore IIoT Live’s real-time alarm callout system is a solution that can be configured to match any alarming conditions and send callouts to operators via Voice, SMS, and/or Email messages to indicate an alarm has been reached at a remote location.

  • Alarm callouts can be configured to send out Voice, SMS, and/or Email messages

  • Real-time Voice, SMS, and/or Email alarm callouts

  • Multiple alarm limits with unlimited amount of alarming conditions

  • Escalating call-lists and powerful scheduling options

  • Generated reports can contain custom messages including alarm condition and location

The SCADACore IIoT Live Alarm Callout System features customized callout reports that can contain a wide-array of information, including: the state of the alarm, the alarm location, the value of the monitored point, and more. The system also provides multiple alarm limits, callout reports via Voice, SMS, and/or Email, escalating call-lists, and scheduling options, all configurable to suit any industrial applications.

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Alarm Callout Notifications

SCADACore Callouts for Industrial Applications

Low Flow Rate(Low Flow Alarm for Oil & Gas Remote Monitoring)
High Pressure(High Pressure Alarm for Pipeline Remote Monitoring)
High Particulate(High Particulate Alarm for Air Quality Remote Monitoring)

Alarm Callout Notifications Applications

Alarm Callout for Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Monitoring

SCADACore provides users with Voice, SMS, and/or Email callouts. Thresholds and call lists can be added and modified for weekly on-call staff.

Alarm Callout for Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

From Radiation, Seismic, Sound, Water, to Air monitoring, real-time callouts can give supervisors and residents the alerts they need to stay safe.

Alarm Callout for Health and Safety

Health And Safety Monitoring

By setting callouts on high level alarms, SCADACore can alert onsite personnel within seconds of possible toxic gas exposure.

Alarm Callout for Industrial Process

Industrial Process Monitoring

Field technicians can receive real-time alarm callouts when tank levels, pressure, or fuel levels have breached thresholds.

Alarm Callout for Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

Supervisors can be alerted of varying levels of heat stress severity to ensure employees are protected from extreme working conditions.

Alarm Callout for Remote Monitoring

Remote Security And Surveillance

Be alerted when unauthorized trespassers intrude on private property. Ensure your assets are properly protected with SCADACore’s alarm callouts.