Satellite Transceiver for Basic Monitoring

Cellular Remote Monitoring for Vibration, Temperature, and GPS

Cellular Communication with Built-in Solar and Battery

Ideal for Monitoring Pumpjacks, Compressors, and Generators

Cloud Connect | ViaCell-10

Cellular Remote Monitoring Solution

Receive Alarm Notifications and Increase the Uptime of Assets

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ViaCell-10 | Cellular Remote Monitoring

The ViaCell-10 is a magnetic-mount, cellular monitoring device with built-in solar panel and batteries, ideal for monitoring pumpjacks, compressors, generators, and more.

Asset Alarm Callout

Increase Uptime for Remote Assets with SMS, Voice, and / or Email Alarms

Asset Down - Voice Message Alarm(Satellite Alarm Callout Notification for Field Workers)
  • Cellular monitoring for Pumpjacks, Compressors, Generators, Motors, Pumps, Rental Units, Run Status, and More

  • Operate by Exception

  • Vibration Sensor, Temperature, GPS

  • Alarm Callout / Alarm Notifications via SMS, Email, and / or Voice Messages

  • Escalating call lists can be set up to notify available staff of shutdowns

  • Built-in Solar Panel and rechargeable 4800 mAh battery

  • 8cm x 15cm x 4cm

  • Temperature: -30˚ C to +65˚ C

  • Magnetic Mount

Satellite Monitoring Dashboard
Satellite Remote Monitoring Device for SCADA / IIoT Applications


Satellite Pumpjack Monitoring Installation on Pumpjack

1. Attach the ViaCell-10 to a metallic surface to get notification of run status

Satellite Pumpjack Monitoring Installation

2. Track assets and monitor run status and location

Satellite Pumpjack Monitoring Callout

3. Receive Voice, Text, and/or Email alerts when an asset stops vibrating

Documentation and Manuals

ViaCell-10 Manual

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Cloud Connect | ViaCell-10 Applications

Satellite Pumpjack Status Monitoring

Pumpjack, VFD, Motor Monitoring

The ViaCell-10 are deployed world-wide to monitor pumpjacks, VFDs, and motors. Receive voice, SMS, or email alerts when the equipment is down. Increase uptime and Keep your pumpjacks running with the ViaCell-10.

Satellite Pump , Generator, and Compressor Monitoring

Pump & Generator Monitoring

With Magnetic Mounts, the ViaCell-10 can be easily installed on mobile pumps and towable generators to monitor the status of your remote equipment. The built-in solar panel, battery, and GPS provides a convenient, all-in-one, monitoring solution.

SCADACore Live Cellular Remote Monitoring

SCADACore’s ViaCell-10 works with SCADACore Live seamlessly to provide SCADA / IIoT Remote Monitoring solution for industrial applications.

The system is fully-featured with powerful graphing features, voice / SMS / email alarm callouts, and data import and export support, all packaged in an all-inclusive package.

Trending & Data

SCADACore Cellular Remote Monitoring retrieves the status of your assets and serves the data to the cloud. Our charting system provides current and historical data on the uptime and downtime of your assets, allowing clients to review and analyze data.

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Alarm Callouts

The ViaCell-10 provides alarm callouts for your remote assets. The system can be configured to match alarm conditions and send callouts to you via Voice, SMS, or Email messages to indicate an alarm has been reached at a remote location.

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