SCADA / IIoT Hosting for Industrial Applications

SCADACore Live SCADA / IIoT Hosting combines all the advantages of traditional stand-alone SCADA systems with no costly infrastructure investment. SCADACore Live monthly fees are based on devices rather than sensors polled, with no additional charges for additional features such as mobile app access, web reporting, importing, exporting, callouts, GPS tracking, and multiple logins.

  • Web-based SCADA / Cloud IIoT means that you can access your data, trends, and reports anywhere

  • Real-time monitoring and control

  • Vastly more affordable compared to other solutions

  • Significantly reduce your cost of operation

  • No maintenance cost, and no setup / configuration fees

  • Secure remote login anywhere with internet access

  • Alarm callouts, GPS tracking, Exports, and much more, at no extra cost

SCADA Hosting
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Safe and Secured SCADA Hosting
Secured & Fully-Managed
Hosted SCADA Trending and Reports
Trending & Reports
SCADA Hosting Alarm Callouts
Alarm Callout
SCADA Hosting Device Support
Devices & Drivers
SCADA Hosting Data Exports
Data Exports
Directive 17 / AER Compliant SCADA Hosting
Directive 017 Compliance

Can you benefit from SCADACore Live SCADA / IIoT Hosting?

SCADACore Live web-based SCADA / IIoT Hosting is the fastest option to benefit from the “Internet Of Things” with no knowledge required to get started. SCADACore Live enterprise system monitors remote sites and captures remote field data for Oil & Gas, Environmental, Health & Safety, Industrial Process, Industrial Hygiene, and many other industries. SCADACore’s SCADA / IIoT Hosting solution enables clients to securely login via any web browser to monitor and control their assets in real-time.

Oil & Gas Producers

SCADA Hosting for Oil & Gas

SCADACore regulatory and well test monitoring allows producers to collect well production instantly. We provide SCADA / IIoT Hosting with 24/7 support, alarm callouts, exports, imports, demand polls, GPS tracking, and online reporting at No Extra Cost. Find out how we can save you over $1,000,000 in monitoring fees over 5 years.


SCADA Hosting for Pipelines

Environmental and utility monitoring for landowners and townships will ensure clean air and water for residents. We provide SCADA / IIoT Hosting for air quality monitoring, water quality monitoring, reservoir level monitoring, toxic gas monitoring, and more. Our hosted SCADA / IIoT solution ensure the safety of residents that live near factories, mines, oil fields, and landfills.

Shipping & Mining Companies

SCADA Hosting and GPS Tracking

Sensor Monitoring and GPS tracking included in standard monitoring packages. All SCADACore Hosted SCADA / IIoT monitoring packages include GPS asset tracking. With the service we can provide monitoring for toxic gases, refrigeration temperatures, or liquid levels while tracking the location of your fleet.

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