Sound Level Monitoring

Ensure Employee Safety &

Regulatory Compliance

Sound Level Trends and Historical Data

Voice / SMS / Email Alarm Callouts

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3M Sound Level Remote Monitoring

SCADACore Sound Level Monitoring Features

Trending & Data

The SCADACore’s Sound Level Monitoring solution collects remote sound data to provide daily, hourly, or real-time reports. Our charting system, while feature-rich, is also easy-to-use, allowing clients to review and analyze data with powerful trending features and historical data retrieval.

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Alarm Callouts

Our Sound Level Monitoring provide you with real-time alarm callouts. Our system can be configured to match any alarm conditions and send callouts to you via Voice, SMS, or Email messages to indicate an alarm has been reached at a remote location. Ensure your employees’ safety with SCADACore’s remote sound level monitoring.

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Data Exports

The Export Engine for our Sound Level Monitoring solutions provides our clients with highly-configurable system that can export data to conform to any data formats. Our engine can integrate with any third-party systems, with wide-array of supported data formats including CSV, Excel, Pivot Table, PDF, and more.

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Historical Data Archival

SCADACore’s Sound Level Monitoring Hosting provides web-based monitoring and data archival functionality, letting you access your data, trends, and reports anywhere. With secure, redundant servers, and secure remote login, we take care of all the Sound Level Monitoring details for you.

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Ensure Employee Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Sound level monitoring solutions are provided by SCADACore for use on Mining sites, Quarries, Oil and Gas Drilling sites, Construction sites, and more. The historical data from the sound monitoring is invaluable if a conflict were to arise questioning the compliance with the sound pollution laws.

SCADACore Live retrieves min, max, average, and instant data from the sound devices, and provide you with the remote data through the cloud.

Access trending and historical data through IIoT Live, and be alerted with alarm callouts should sound level exceed compliance requirements. Ensure employees are wearing their PPE when safe sound thresholds have been exceeded.

Ensure your employees hearing is protected with real-time remote sound level monitoring.

Levels are available in real-time to alert foremen and workers of sound intensity has exceeded safety thresholds require your employees to take PPE action.

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Sound Level Applications

Sound Level Online Monitoring Package

SCADACore 3M SoundPro Package

SCADACore Live works with the 3M SoundPro and provide you with wide range of sound level measurements and reports. Our enterprise charting system provides a graph of Minimum, Maximum and Current Sound Level readings.

The 3M SoundPro Sound Level Meters provide advanced sound level measurements, and SCADACore Live connects with the meter and provides remote monitoring and comprehensive data reports.

SCADACore can provide real-time report frequency, and our solutions comes with data storing capabilities to provide clients with all the data they need to evaluate and analyze noise levels.

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