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Is SCADACore flexible on the partnership requirements?2019-04-30T11:36:22-06:00

Yes, we will work with you to help build your product. Our standard policy is to give our partners 6 months to build up their install-base before we discuss additional fees.

Can you monitor USB connected devices with SCADACore Live?2019-04-30T11:36:22-06:00

Yes, more times than not, we can monitor devices even if they are connected with USB cable. We do this with a specialized USB enabled Sentinel Box and write drivers specific to the USB devices. There are some limitations, however. Complicated devices like video cameras, recording devices, or human interface devices are much more difficult and generally can not be easily interfaced with.

Can you build a program to measure a specific calculation in Oil and Gas?2019-04-30T11:36:22-06:00

If you have a specific application, contact us with your requirements. If there a high demand for a specific calculation we will build a web application or stand-alone application and make it available online at no charge.

Can you build a stand-alone application to pull data from a specific device?2019-04-30T11:36:22-06:00

Yes, however, for the cost of an application that simply pulls data through serial or ethernet and logs it into a CSV file, you could pay for 10 years of monitoring for SCADACore Live. The SCADACore Live monitoring would provide you features such as exporting, callouts, graphing, and allows you to combine devices.

In situations where security prevents SCADACore Live monitoring and stand-alone applications are the only option, contact us and we will help find a cost-effective solution.

Can I provide my own modems and cellular plans to use with SCADACore Live?2019-04-30T11:36:22-06:00

Yes, SCADACore will provide a 30% discount on all monitoring packages if modems and data plans are supplied by our clients or partners. This gives our clients and partners control over their communications while still taking advantage of the SCADACore Live Monitoring with features like Alarm Callouts, Exports, 24/7 support, and GPS tracking.

Do I have to use SCADACore Hardware Solutions to utilize SCADACore Live Online Monitoring?2019-04-30T11:36:22-06:00

No, SCADACore can retrieve data from any internet accessible device, or import data from scheduled exports initiated by the client.

If there is an existing device that is connected by Ethernet to the Internet, SCADACore Live can most likely interface with it and retrieve the data from it.

If devices are not connected to the Internet, but you would still like them online, there are manual methods to upload the data to SCADACore Live so it can be shared among all users.