SCADACore Sentinel Provides Real-time Alarming to Your Remote Assets


SCADACore Sentinel

The Sentinel is now a Legacy Product. Visit SCADACore’s ViaCell-100 for the next generation of our remote monitoring product.

The Sentinel communication box is the simplest and most cost effective way to give your product real-time alarming with scheduled reports. The sentinel box easily connects via analog input, RS232 or RS485 serial, or Ethernet connections. The product is Class 1 Div 2 (Zone 1) ready and its small form-factor can be quickly installed into any existing enclosure. The hardware allows for remote updates and diagnostics so any anomalies can be identified and corrected remotely.

Certified for Class 1 Div 2 operations. Designed to work in the harshest environments

Enhance Sentinel with SCADACore Live to Cost-Effectively Retrieve Data

Immediate real-time alarming, reporting, trending, data archival, and more

Sentinel can provide real-time monitoring on analog inputs 4-20ma or 1-5v

Supports protocols including Modbus, CAN bus, ROCTalk, BACnet, and more

Simple scripts and controls are available to allow outputs to be triggered

Scheduled reporting is adjustable, several reports can be scheduled at once

SCADACore Real-Time Alarming

SCADACore Live Web Hosting Service is the fastest option to benefit from the “Internet Of Things” with no knowledge required to get started.

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Embedded Sentinel

The embedded Sentinel uses the same hardware as the Sentinel Box, but in a smaller form-factor so it can be embedded into existing hardware. The hardware is packaged in panels or embedded into existing systems to provide clients with a flexible solution for their remote monitoring applications.

Sentinel Alarm Station

Sentinel Alarm Stations provide the users with multiple levels of reporting and alarming. Local users can be alerted to high thresholds in toxic gases, temperatures, sound levels, etc. with an audible siren or visual light beacon. Set different limits for sirens and different colors for alert levels. During an alarm, the rate of reports are increased to report the data faster to the SCADACore IIoT Live system, allowing real-time alarms and more frequent data for historical data trending and archival.

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