Two Phase Well Testing

SCADACore offers monitoring to testing companies and producers looking to perform gas and liquid tests on existing wells.

Two Phase Well Testing Monitoring


SCADACore offers monitoring to testing companies and producers looking to perform a simple gas and liquid test on existing wells. With our extensive library of EFMs and peripherals we can integrate with existing equipment or provide you with the right testing package.

SCADACore can quickly tie into existing testing hardware. The integration into existing hardware is a free service SCADACore provides to our service partners. SCADACore’s dashboard and analytics system can provide clients with running totals, hourly totals, daily totals, and monthly totals for gas and liquid flow. By inputting the Oil / Water cut, SCADACore can separate the Condensate and Water in the historical grid.

SCADACore programmers works with product manufacturers or integrators to bring your device into the system. With the collect live plugin driver system new devices can be added quickly on the fly without interrupting operations. SCADACore offers well testing monitoring with hourly reports for as low as $60 / month. 

Oil and Gas Demo


Dashboard Summary

The Chart Dashboard summary will give a quick view of the latest data retrieved from the remote well testing unit. When the user clicks on the title, the historical summary page can be brought up. Charts can be quickly exported to PDF or picture file.

Historical View

  • The live data view of the gives the user a real-time view of the current state of operations for the test
  • Poll buttons are available to retrieve instant data
  • Export to Excel, CSV, or PDF
  • Change units and chart spans to your personal preference
  • Chart is interactive and can be zoomed in to view a specific time span

Multiple Well Test View

The dashboard also provides a quick view of multiple well tests. The two phase well testing is perfect for understanding the pipeline dynamics. With the additional of an Analog Valve production can be increase or decreased for each of the wells to help improve output throughout the entire field.


Custom Dashboards

SCADACore provides a powerful and flexible dashboard system that can be customized to your specific needs. Choose between, maps, graphs, grid summary, alarm thresholds, or work with our programmers to build your own.


Escalating callouts will allow you to set multiple high or low level alarms an a single sensor. Escalating the severity of the callout as each alarm threshold is hit. Callout Schedules can easily be changed for oncall staff.


Exports can be used by third party accounting system to automatically receive data. Daily, Weekly, or Monthly reports can also be sent directly to your accountants or administration for easy review of production or test results.


Integrate all your data collection using the Import option. Imports allow data to be sent from a 3rd party into the SCADACore repository bringing all your data into one easy to use dashboard interface.

Multiple Users

Multiple users can each have their own custom dashboard and units selection. Each user has their own level of security and restrictions to prevent employees from remotely controlling devices.

Low Cost

With our enterprise solution, SCADACore Live, priced at the lowest rates of any Web SCADA provider, SCADACore can help you reduce your cost of operation.