Complete CBRNE Remote Monitoring for the Military and Government Agencies
CBRNE Monitoring System

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CBRNE Incidents, CBRNE Defense, Hazard Management

Data Collection, Monitoring, Threat Detection

CBRN / CBRNE Remote Monitoring and Threat Detection System

IIoT Live collects data from any CBRNE field device and brings the data online. Operational staff can view and analyze CBRNE data in real-time. The system allows agencies to receive reports and warnings for all chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear threats.

  • Collect data from Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive Detectors
  • Works with any HSE and CBRNE devices from manufacturers such as RAE Systems, TSI, Rigaku, Environics, and more
  • Interface with any CBRNE device without the need for easily deprecated custom integration hardware
  • Complete Real-Time System that works on Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile devices
  • Aggregate data and information; display videos from Surveillance Cameras and Thermal Cameras along with CBRNE data
  • Secure system designed for military and other government agencies
  • Interchange reports to-and-from the system and share CBRNE data across internal networks and external agencies

  • Warnings are sent via Voice, SMS, and / or Email to notify agencies when a threat is detected
  • Integrate with other systems with IIoT Live’s powerful Database and Export systems
CBRNE Monitoring Dashboard
RAE Systems CBRNE Monitoring
CBRNE Remote Monitoring Demo
CBRN / CBRNE Data Collection, Monitoring, and Threat Detection System

IIoT Live CBRNE System Features

CBRNE Device Compatibility

CBRNE Device Compatibility

IIoT Live is compatible with all major CBRNE devices such as RAE Systems, TSI, Environics, and more.

The system empowers agencies with a comprehensive monitoring solution that collects remote CBRNE device data into one place

CBRNE Data Collection

SCADACore’s CBRNE solution is a complete turn-key system that collects data from CBRNE devices and serves the data to agencies through a web-based interface.

Included Engines provide vast capabilities such as Alarm Callouts and a Customizable Dashboard to suit your operational needs.

CBRNE Data Collection
Integration with Existing CBRNE Systems and Networks

Turnkey / Integration

The IIoT Live CBRNE System allows government agencies to use IIoT Live as a complete system, or use it as a data collection source for existing systems.

The powerful API and Export Engines allow IIoT Live to be easily integrated into existing systems and networks, allowing agencies to deploy a CBRNE monitoring system rapidly.

CBRNE Monitoring System for Agencies

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