Our Reseller Incentive

Get 2 Months of Hosting Fees as Commission When You Refer Us to a New Client

Reseller Incentive

Become a SCADACore Live Reseller and get 2 months of hosting fees as commission! Interested? Email us or go to the Contact Form and let us know which company you work for and that you want to be a SCADACore Live Reseller.

Commission Example

Technician John from Service Company B does technical service work for Production Manager Mary from Oil Company E. Production Manager Mary does not like their existing Monitoring Solution Z due to their high cost and poor support.

Technician John tells Mary about SCADACore’s fully-featured monitoring system, 24/7 support, and half of the monthly cost of Monitoring Solution Z. Technician John contacts SCADACore and gets us in touch with Production Manager Mary. Mary decides to convert 100 remote units from Monitoring Solution Z to SCADACore.

The 100 remote units requires 10 minute reporting; the $80/month SCADACore Live plan is chosen for Oil Company E, which is significantly cheaper than what Monitoring Solution Z offers. Once SCADACore starts monitoring all 100 units for Oil Company E, Technician John receives:

Reseller Commission Total:

100 units x $80 / month x 2 months =


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