Remote Monitoring For Industries and Businesses

Remote monitoring for industrial applications range from well-testing monitoring, plunger-lift monitoring, hazardous gas monitoring, heat stress monitoring, water level monitoring, to tank level monitoring, and more. Technical requirements vary widely depending on application, some requires a single alarm callout to notify operator of alarm conditions, while other application comprise of a large network of SCADA systems with hundreds of thousands of I/O points. At SCADACore, we help design and implement a solution that is right for your requirements.

  • SCADACore can collect data from thousands of devices using hundreds of different protocols.
  • Reports are organized in user customizable dashboards with trending, maps, alert thresholds, and tables.
  • Callout alarms can be triggered on escalating levels with reports sent by email, voice, or text messages to multiple users.

  • Exports can be periodically scheduled to send by email, ftp, or web service.
  • GPS asset tracking available at no additional cost with all monitoring packages.


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Our SCADACore Live Monitoring Service is a one-stop monitoring package where we take care of all your monitoring requirements.

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We provide flexible product options that work to work with your company.


SCADACore Hosted Web SCADA will provide the hardware, web portal, communications, and support for your remote assets.

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Software Libraries

Our software libraries have been used by SCADACore for years and are ready to be integrated in your application.

Get a head-start with our pre-built software libraries

Save time and money by quickly integrating SCADACore’s DLLs into your application.

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M2M Hardware Solutions

You provide the asset we provide the communications.

Communication needs for any application.

SCADACore will provide 24/7 support for hardware and communication, providing a turn-key monitoring solution.

M2M Hardware Solutions

Software Consulting

Specializing in M2M connectivity -- let us get your asset online.

M2M communication and onsite alarming

SCADACore can add M2M connectivity to your existing asset.

Software Consulting

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