Wide-Range of Drivers and Devices Support

SCADACore Live can communicate with a wide-range of remote devices, aggregating data from any device to one dashboard

Supported Devices and Drivers

The SCADACore Live system collects remote field data and audit trails from field devices and store the information onto our secure and redundant database.

SCADACore Live’s collection system is designed to communicate with vast number of different remote devices and protocols, aggregating data from any field device into one, comprehensive dashboard.

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  • All Modbus Devices

  • Control Microsystems / Schneider SCADAPacks

  • Fisher ROC / FloBoss

  • ABB TotalFlow

  • Plunger-lift Systems

  • GE Ethernet

  • Bristol

  • MQTT / M2M IoT Connectivity Protocol

  • And More . . .

  • Dynamic e-Chart, e-Chart Plus, MS4

  • Cameron MCIII  and Scanner Series

  • BSAP (Control Wave, Control Wave Micro, etc)

  • NuFlo GFC 332

  • Barton 1100 Modbus / Scancom

  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix

  • Eagle Research

FloBoss ROC 103 Device Support
  • RAE Systems (RAELink3, FMC2000, MultiRAE, QRAE3, etc)

  • Environics (ChemPro 100i)
  • BACnet

  • Surveillance Cameras

  • Thermal Cameras

Don’t want to make big investments into costly integration hardware to monitor your agriculture equipment? Do you have equipment from different manufacturers and want to view all your agriculture data in one place? We can help!


  • Device communication via ethernet or serial

  • Communicate with radio, cellular, or satellite networks

  • Unlimited slaves and tags

  • Stream TCP, Datagram TCP, and Datagram UDP

  • Modbus TCP, RTU, RTU over TCP, and ASCII

  • BACnet, Enron, Daniel, and Modbus

  • Generic CSV / Excel File Importers and Exporters

  • Generic Database Importers and Exporters

Unlisted Device? We Can Make It Work!