Interface with your personal gas detection dock stations and retrieve the alarm, calibration, and bump status automatically.

SCADACore knows safety.

Cloud Dock is a product created by SCADACore to monitor, report, and alert safety staff on usage of Honeywell BW personal safety monitors. Additional interfaces to different dock stations are being developed.
Safety coordinators and foremen can verify calibration and bump logs for every user remotely with no manual connections or local computers. The tedious reporting is taken care of so Safety coordinators can focus on safety.

  • Intuitive web interface to quickly analyze calibration and bump logs of users.
  • In depth per user calibration and report logs.
  • Plug-and-Go-Away technology that requires no configuration on the client’s side.
  • Email and SMS notifications to safety coordinators alerting them to failed or absent bump and calibration tests.
  • Email and SMS messages to device users to remind device users to bump devices.
  • Detectors bound directly to user allows for quick reference on calibrations and alarms.


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Cloud Dock Overview

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Cloud Dock dashboard allows supervisors to quickly verify that best safety practices are being performed in the field. Data is updated daily to ensure problems are caught and corrected in a timely matter.

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Cloud Dock Specifications
Base Unit Specifications:
Concept Controls Cloud Dock
Cellular Antenna (Extension Available)
Power Adapter with Military Connector
Transmission to Concept LIVE website
120VAC Supply Includes:
120VAC/12VDC power supply. 12VDC @ 1A min
5ft AC power cable
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature: -10 ºC to +50 ºC (<± 0.5 dB effect)
Storage Temperature: -25 ºC to +70 ºC
Humidity: 10% to 90% RH, non-condensing

Quattro MicroClip 227x415

Honeywell personal gas monitors are industry leaders in personal safety monitoring. SCADACore continues to develop new interfaces to different brands.


SCADACore takes Plug and Play one step further with Plug and Go-away. Clients simply plug in the Cloud Dock communication box and SCADACore takes care of the rest. We will ask for a list of users to make to the serial numbers from the detectors that the Cloud Dock provides to map the users and the system is complete.


View your company’s calibration logs from anywhere on the planet. Receive notifications and quickly identify incorrect safety procedures quickly with your smartphone or tablet.

One bill per dock.


  • Daily Reports
  • Four Times Daily Data Polls
  • Daily Email Exports
  • User Bump/Calibration Reminders
  • Unlimited User Devices


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