Heat Stress Remote Monitoring System

Measures WBGT, Humidity,

Humidex, and Temperature

Cloud-Ready with Email/Voice/SMS Alerts

Precise Sensors for Accurate Measurements

Local Display and Data Logging Capabilities

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Heat Stress Monitoring System

Heat Stress Monitor

SCADACore’s  Heat Stress Monitoring System for 3M QUESTemp is Cloud-Ready, allowing clients to access real-time heat stress data remotely. A hosted-monitoring option and a data-push-to-SCADA option allows clients the flexibility of choosing the capability that suits their industrial operation.

Ensure the safety of your employees and comply with regulations by monitoring for Humidity and Heat Stress to protect workers from extreme working conditions with real-time trending and callout notifications.

Heat Stress Monitoring Dashboard
3M QUESTTemp Remote Monitoring

Heat stress monitoring is a requirement for most health agencies. Work involving high temperatures, high humidity, or strenuous physical activities have a potential for causing heat stress in workers. Warehouses, factories, outdoor labor, shipping yards, or anywhere where heat and humidity could potentially be a health concern, should be monitored with a heat stress monitoring system.

  • 2″ style globe sensor and standard accessories

  • Measures / calculates WBGT indoor / outdoor, relative humidity and Heat Index / Humidex

  • Measures / calculates dry bulb, wet bulb, and globe temperature

  • Real time clock provides accurate reporting with time stamping

  • Optional detachable air probe
  • Local data logging capabilities

Heat Stress Monitor Demo

SCADACore Cloud-Ready Heat Stress Packages

SCADACore Heat Stress Packages are Cloud-Ready weather-proof enclosures that measure temperature, humidity, heat-index, WBGT, and more. The system is complete with onsite data logging, online data logging, escalating alarm notifications, and built-in connection to the cloud, allowing you to access heat stress data anytime, anywhere.

Heat Stress Monitoring Package

WBGT Single Sensor Package

Heat Stress Monitoring Package with Two Detachable Sensors

WBGT Two Detachable Sensors Package

Heat Stress Monitoring Package with Three Detachable Sensors

WBGT Three Detachable Sensors Package

Heat Index / Humidex Monitoring

Humidex / Heat Index Package

Enhance Heat Stress Monitor Capabilities with Remote Data Access and Alarm Notifications

There is no need to physically walk to the local display and manually alert personnel. SCADACore’s online heat stress monitoring provides remote access to the Heat Stress Monitor data anytime, anywhere for $60/month.

Heat Stress Monitor Remote Access

There are no thermometers or hygrometers to manual check and notify staff. Using SCADACore’s intelligent Email / SMS / Voice callout system, alerts can be sent to dozens of individuals at once, notifying them of precautions that need to be taken.

Current & Historical Conditions

Heat Stress Monitors have local display and data logging capabilities, but getting that data is highly inconvenient. SCADACore’s IIoT Live Heat Stress Monitoring provides data that are polled from the Heat Stress Monitor and are stored in our secure cloud databases. The data is then analyzed and color-coded, and are displayed with historical data for simple, convenient access.

Heat Stress Monitor WBGT Display

Alarm Conditions & History

Standalone Heat Stress Monitors only have local alarming capabilities, and they are unable to alert supervisors who are not in close proximity. With SCADACore’s Heat Stress Monitoring, foremen and supervisors can be notified anywhere. SCADACore provides comprehensive alert notification functionality, allowing personnel to get Email, Text, or Voice Call alerts for escalating alarm conditions.

Example Voice Call Alarm Notification

Heat Stress Voice Call Notification

SCADACore Callout Alert for Heat Stress Monitoring

Trending and Data Archival

Manually getting local data logs, and charting the data in Excel is an antiquated process. SCADACore obtains data from any Heat Stress Monitors and takes care of all the logging and charting for you. IIoT Live’s trending capabilities allow foremen, supervisors, and industrial hygienists to identify times of the day when heat stress can be dangerous to the employees.

Heat Stress Chart and Data Log for WBGT, Humidity, Humidex, and Temperature
Heat Stress WBGT Trending
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Heat Stress Monitor Applications