SCADACore’s software consulting solutions can bring existing equipment and offline networks into the SCADACore live network allowing operators, clients, and office staff to view the assets in real-time.

Bring existing networks online

With our experienced team of programmers we are ready to provide additional value to your clients by bringing your existing networks and remote devices online. From embedded low power networked solutions to existing PLC and DCS networks we can provide the programming needed to add another dimension to your product

  • Programming real-time alerts back to SCADACore live from existing PLC or operation control systems.
  • Multiple protocols such as Canbus, Modbus, Roctalk, BSAP, embedded c, and bacnet
  • Program existing radio networks to push data back to SCADACore Live


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SCADACore software programmers provide machine to machine software solutions to several industry sectors. We provide the link between the M2M hardware and your internal system, bringing the data from the field directly to you. With SCADACore’s experienced programmers we can design, program, and implement a data acqusition system directly into existing company workflow.

Some typical applications include:

  • Heat stress monitoring with localized alarms
  • Local gas and fire monitoring for gas plants
  • Toxic gas monitoring for H2S, SO2, and CO

Wireless Networks


SCADACore can provide a local area radio network that can be used to provide monitoring for a wide-variety of industries. SCADACore’s experience with wireless technologies can help to fill holes in monitoring and control by quickly dropping in radio nodes.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Tank Farms
  • Perimeter Gas Monitoring
  • Perimeter Fire Monitoring
  • Toxic Gas Concentrated in an Area
  • Oil/Gas wells Concentrated in an Area

Embedded Programming


The SCADACore development team has extensive experience developing custom embedded program on several platforms. Our team can recommend a hardware platform that is right for your application, taking into account power consumption, processing capacity, peripherials, and certifications.

SCADACore is currently developing or maintaining applications on the following platforms:

  • Sierra Wireless ALEOS platform
  • Rabbit Semiconductor
  • Beijer programming panels
  • Schneider Electric SCADAPack C-programs
  • GHI electronics gadgeteering platform
  • Embedded linux

Custom Windows and Web Applications


Utilize the same wisdom and experience that SCADACore used and improved building the SCADACore Live application. Our team provides vast knowledge of MVC, MVVM, and Javascript development and can quickly design and implement a web application for your products.

In addition to web and server development that SCADACore team provides software consulting to stand-alone windows applications. Using windows win forms or the new WPF technology SCADACore can develop an attractive application to interface directly with your device.

Past standalone applications include:

  • Rae Guardian Data Logger and Exporter
  • Pembina Sentinel Air Monitoring System (PSAMS)
  • Heat Stress Data Logger for QuesTemp devices
  • Gas Flow Calculators

Industrial Process Control


SCADACore’s business is strongly rooted in Oil and Gas control and automation and Industrial Process Control and automation. We can provide programmers to design and implement custom applications with existing infrastructure.

We are often called upon by our clients to design applications that are above the normal operations of a device. These operations include interfacing with devices that are not traditionally used.

Custom Mobile Development


Mobility is at the fore-front of SCADACore’s technology. We provide mobile ready web webpages and mobile web apps developed for Android, Apple, and Blackberry devices. Our experienced team will help to design implement, and publish the applications for your clients.Some of our applications include:

  • Mobile AGA gas flow calculators for Android and Apple
  • Hazard Identification systems for Android and Apple

Sierra Wireless ALEOS platform

  • Rabbit Semiconductor
  • Beijer programming panels
  • Schneider Electric SCADAPack C-programs
  • GHI electronics gadgeteering platform
  • Embedded linux

Want to know more?

Contact the SCADACore team with any questions regarding our M2M software consulting solutions.

  • Do you have a M2M solution but not the expertise?
  • Do you have existing hardware deployed in the field and would like to get the data online?
  • Are you a solutions provider that is in need of programming help?
  • Are you an Oil and Gas producer that needs help on their well PLCs?
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